Voted Best Wings in Long Island By You!

We are proud to announce that we have been voted Best Wings in Long Island and we couldn’t have done it without all our loyal customers!  We work hard each and every day to make sure our customers are satisfied and happy with the food we serve.  Whether you want on the bone, boneless, or grilled wings, you will be able to choose from 9 different delicious flavors.  You may be thinking grilled wings? Yes! Our grilled wings are served as a pound of bite sized tenders, not fried but grilled in the sauce of your choice!  Trying one of our flavors will leave you wanting to try all the others because the taste of each bite overpowers your mouth with the best flavor you will ever experience. Our most popular, and signature wings are the “Spanky” wing which satisfies the sweet and spicy cravings that every wing lover wants to encounter. 

Our wings are crispy, but never dried out and always juicy and filled with flavor. Each order of wings is served with celery and your choice of blue cheese or ranch.  We feel so accomplished that we have been voted Best Wings in Long Island and we hope to continue to reach your expectations.  Spanky’s Food Factory in Long Island has had customers from all over come in to try our wings and we never had someone leave disappointed! Come on in to try the best wings in Long Island and let us know what you think!